messengers liability insurance

We provide liability insurance for messengers in Ireland with fast and low cost quotes from our panel of specialist liability insurance providers offering instant access to;

  • Public liability insurance for messengers
  • Employers liability insurance for messengers

What is messengers liability insurance?

The messengers liability insurance policy protects you against claims made against you in respect of your legal liability for personal injury or property damage by third parties. If you have employees then the employers liability insurance extension of the policy can protect you against claims made against you for your legal liability for death disease or injury sustained by employees during the course of their employment.

Why does a messenger need liability insurance?

Everyone in business is exposed to the possibility of a claim being made against them and a messenger is no exception. Awards for personal injury can be high and even the cost of mounting a defence against the most frivolous claim can be costly. Your messengers liability insurance can protect you against these costs.

What liability insurance does a messenger need?

The principal reason for arranging liability insurance is to protect you against claims made against you in respect of your legal liability for personal injury and property damage. In order to make sure you have the right cover in place you need to look at how these claims may arise. As a messenger you will be exposed to the possibility of claims being made against you by third parties i.e. members of the public at large and it is public liability insurance you require in order to protect you from these claims.
If you have employees within your messengers business, then employers liability insurance is highly recommended to cover you against claims made by employees in respect of your legal liability for death, disease and personal injury arising during the course of their employment. Whilst not currently a legal requirement in Ireland, this cover should be viewed as essential if you have employees.
If you provide any professional services for a fee such as advice and design, then you may wish to consider professional indemnity insurance to protect you against claims arising from a breach of professional duty. As liability insurance specialists we offer a highly competitive quote and cover service for messengers with full quotations containing all premium and cover information to help you make an informed choice.
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