Personal Accident Insurance in Ireland

personal accident insurance in IrelandWe provide personal accident insurance in Ireland for a wide range of occupation and professions offering both personal accident and accident and sickness policies designed to provide financial protection in the event of injury and illness.

What is personal accident insurance?

The personal accident insurance policy is designed to provide income protection in the event of accident or accident and illness preventing the insured person from working.

Who needs personal accident insurance in Ireland?

The policy is suited to the self employed and also to employers.

For the self employed it can provide you with an income when you are not able to work and specified benefits in respect of serious and major accidents.

For the employer, it can provide the dual benefit of mitigating the cost of providing sick pay to employees and also help to reduce the risks of an employee suing the employer in the event of an accident at work.

What is covered under a personal accident insurance policy?


As a result of accidental bodily injury, death from natural causes is not normally covered under a personal accident policy.

Permanent Total Disablement

Payable in the event of the policyholder being permanently unable to undertake their normal job following a severe accident, this cover may be limited to the inability to undertake any job

Loss of limb. sight, speech or hearing

A single payment as a result of a serious accident or injury as defined

Permanent Partial Disablement

A single payment payable as a result of a serious but less significant injury such as the loss of fingers or toes.

Temporary Total Disablement

Payable when the insured person is unable to work as a result of an insured accident. This is a weekly benefit and is designed to mitigate the effects of loss of salary and wages. The inclusion of sickness cover under a personal accident policy is an extension of this cover.

Temporary Partial Disablement

Payable when the insured person is unable to fully undertake their usual duties and is paid as a proportion of the weekly benefit paid under temporary total disablement.

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